One of the most interesting idea to come out of this week’s lecture is the concept that the future is based on the present to enact current reality, things that makes us nervous or unstable. Therefore the future we imagine is actually based on our present, featuring prominently any emerging technology in the contemporary times. This is […]

We have dedicated our lives to modern technology. Not in the sense that we want the best of both hard and software, but we put our personal information, our very own thoughts into our devices. Our lives, appointments, photos and videos are recorded, as if these technology is another mind (and to us, they seem […]

As a digital native it is quite difficult to imagine life not intrinsically linked to technology. Since the Stone Age we have used technology to reshape our reality, which enabled us to evolve until we reached how we are in the present days. As George Khut pointed out in this week’s lecture, perhaps it will […]

evocative (ɪˈvɒkətɪv) — adj tending or serving to evoke evoke (ɪˈvəʊk) — vb 1. to call or summon up (a memory, feeling, etc), esp from the past This week we delved into the more philosophical aspect of our interaction with technology, especially the computer as an “evocative object”. Sherry Turkle in this week’s reading The Evocative […]

Cyborgs, or Cybernetic-Organism, is “The melding of the organic and the machinic, or the engineering of a union between separate organic systems” (Manfred E Clynes, 1960). It is the integration of the organic and the artificial, of living and non-living material, and to enhance ourselves to achieve what our natural bodies cannot. One of the […]