Week 11 – Speculative Object Week 2

Working continuously outside and inside class, we have narrowed down our ideas this week in the studio session.

What ideas, themes or issues do you want to address in your design?

The one vision and main issue our group found most interesting was the concept of communication. This topic has been discussed and debated and the ideas, themes or issues we want to address in our design are related to this area. Today we are always connected through the internet and we are getting more and more used to it.

The scenarios regarding addiction, aging population and human interaction were on the forefront of our minds with regards to creating a future. It was suggested we look at modern survival camps, where people voluntarily isolates themselves from the cities and technology in order to connect to nature.

A quick searched example of an ideal city/isolation park that we would be interested in building, note the algae, self-sustained buildings. (From DocumentaryStream.com)

The original idea was to present a rehab center of some sort, where people could go in and isolate themselves from technology and its addictive nature, but we felt that there is a strong stigma regarding the word “rehab” and we found it difficult to exactly defining the point of addiction (this in turn raised the question of how it is going to be run, funded and who will have access to it).

It was during this point that our idea radically reformed, due to arriving at an impasse of what exactly we’re going to do about the internal structure, the method of admission, whether it is government or privately funded and more importantly, why people would go into some place like that.

The Turning Point.

With the help of George, we returned to the drawing board and rethought our stance. What was the basic idea we were trying to explore here? Human to Human interaction. With the rapid development of devices that wouldn’t require direct human to human contact, we are essentially devolving. Our grammatical, spelling and speaking skills are discarded in favour of auto-corrects, spell-check and net speak, and it is here that we decided to start again.

Documentary Stream viewed November 1st 2012, <http://www.documentarystream.com/images/2057.jpg>.


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