Week 10 – Speculative Object Week 1

Starting this week we have commenced creating a speculative object for a chosen 2030 scenario. The group agreed on fairly quickly to tackle the “Smart Everything” issue, particularly the over-reliance on technology and humans taking it for granted, for that is something we all can relate, living in a technological era, going one day without internet or phone is like going a whole week without food. Through studio exercises we have come up with scenarios our group could elaborate on:

  1. Travelling: Will no longer be something that is time-consuming, increase of speed means people can travel huge distances in a blink of an eye
  2. Evolution: We should be going back to our roots with the help of technology, enjoying life and not over-relying
  3. Home: How do we define home? The world is getting smaller and populations are getting longer lifespans, we might not need to travel to experience the word, just plug-in and move into the virtual world
  4. Communication: Revolutionized to integrate both the desire of older demographics to maintain personal relationships and the convenience of digital communications demanded by the younger generation

Out of these scenarios, we found that communication was the one that intrigued us the most. We all agreed that our modern selves are losing these skills, rather hiding behind a screen or a phone, messaging and texting instead of a phone call. One such blog post expresses the idea very well:

The widespread use of mobile communication devices has negatively affected the human race in three distinct ways. 1) It has further destroyed the present tense by decreasing time spent in the moment. 2) It has systematically reduced self-reliance. 3) It has decreased efficient in the area of time management. (Powering Down, 2012)

Circulation space are essentially corridors between destination spaces, and there is a goal to get to places using those spaces. However, these technological uses essentially transforms all circulation spaces into destination spaces, diminishing our effectiveness and taking us away from our environment.

Cellular technology has reduced overall focus on life in the moment. It has diluted our ability to do for ourselves and has replaced effective time management with constant, chaotic communication. Throw the damn things in the trash. (Powering Down, 2012)

Our speculative object should address this issue, due to the exponential growth (forecasted through looking at the trends in the past ten years), we would just be more and more addicted and reliant on these technology.

An excerpt from Mashable Tech: If this is the case in 2012, imagine 2030



Laird, S. 2012, Are you Addicted to Your Smartphone? viewed October 21 2012, <http://mashable.com/2012/09/05/addicted-smartphone/>.

nulinegvgv. 2007, ‘the negative effects of cellular communication technology on human behavior’ Powering Down.


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