Monthly Archives: September 2012

Week 8 – Experience Prototyping (mid-semester break)

“‘Experience Prototyping’… a form of prototyping that enables design team members, users and clients to gain first-hand appreciation of existing or future conditions through active engagement with protoypes.” – Buchenau, M and Suri J.F., 2000, Experience Prototyping User-testing is one of the most fundamental aspects in all design process, and can basically make or break an […]

Week 7 – Design Driven Innovation

“People do not buy products but meanings.” – Verganti, Design Driven Innovation (2009) The key to success for any sort of design is not about making things look better, but to change its meanings. Verganti in the reading brought up the Metamorfosi lamp – while its “competition concentrates on style”, this map radically changed its meaning by […]

Week 6 – Designing in Time

The process of creating a future is thought-provoking and complex, and the most successful scenarios are ones that are plausible and makes us think. Fry stated that the “Fact that the future can never be viewed or fully predicted does no negate our responsibility to identify possibilities that beg precautionary action”, (Fry, 2009, p145-155), although […]

Week 5 – Our present is the future

One of the most interesting idea to come out of this week’s lecture is the concept that the future is based on the present to enact current reality, things that makes us nervous or unstable. Therefore the future we imagine is actually based on our present, featuring prominently any emerging technology in the contemporary times. This is […]